Company Description

Travel Phantasy is a travel agency that primarily serves the LGBTQ community. For LGBTQ customers living in the US, they assist with all travel bookings and recommendations, specializing in cruises / and areas in Asia. Additionally, for international travelers coming to the US, they plan to act as a host during their stay, as well as create customized LGBTQ-friendly itineraries.

The Logo

The idea behind the logo was to use inviting colors to shape a location pinpoint. To balance the colorful, whimsical graphic, I selected a bold font. The icon itself is also reminiscent of a hot air balloon, which I feel symbolizes a unique type of freedom and uplifting exuberance. 


The LGBTQ community pridefully represent themselves with a rainbow flag. I used this idea to select a color palette that is not only inviting, but meaningful. It also communicates the brand’s identity at first glance.


Stationary Set

I designed a business card and letterhead following the visual aesthetics of the logo.


Digital Marketing

By using hints of the rainbow and incorporating beautiful vacation-based landscapes, I created facebook banners that capture, at a glance, what Travel Phantasy stands for.


Project Details


Travel Phantasy​

Project Date: 

November 2019-January 2020

Project Category:

Branding/Corporate Identity/Advertising


Logo, Stationary, Facebook Banners