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Travel Phantasy

As the Graphic Designer, I helped design the logo and create a corporate identity for the company.

Facebook Covers

By using hints of the rainbow and incorporating beautiful vacation-based landscapes, I created facebook banners that capture, at a glance, what Travel Phantasy stands for.


Travel Phantasy


November 2019-  January 2020


Los Angeles,  CA


Logo, Stationary, Facebook Covers

Travel Phantasy

Travel Phantasy is a travel agency that primarily serves the LGBTQ community. For LGBTQ customers living in the US, they assist with all travel bookings and recommendations, specializing in cruises / and areas in Asia. Additionally, for international travelers coming to the US, they plan to act as a host during their stay, as well as create customized LGBTQ-friendly itineraries.

Anh Phan, Founder of Travel Phantasy


The idea behind the logo was to use inviting colors to shape a location pinpoint. To balance the colorful, whimsical graphic, I selected a bold font. The pinpoint icon itself is also reminiscent of a hot air balloon, which I feel symbolizes a unique type of freedom and uplifting exuberance. 

Logos Guidelines

Once the logo was designed, a guideline was created to ensure that the integrity was not altered in any way. This guaranteed that the logo would be represented correctly with the rest of the brand's voice.

Colors & Typeface

The LGBTQ community pridefully represent themselves with a rainbow flag. I used this idea to select a color palette that is not only inviting, but meaningful. It also communicates the brand’s identity at first glance. In regards to the typefaces, I wanted to choose 2 fonts that had a very high contrast to each other, but when used together created balance.


I designed a business card and letterhead following the visual aesthetics of the logo.

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