Project Description

That's Amore is a social and dating app that allows users to see their “pizza-compatibility” once they match with another user. If the other user accepts your offer to meet up, the app will find locations where you can find a pizza conveniently nearby both parties (that has the type of pizza you both like!).

"When the moon hits your eye
Like a big pizza pie, that's amore"

-Dean Martin

User Research

Defining the User

In order to understand the user, I interviewed single people from different walks of life that are currently using other dating apps. From this research, I created a male and female user persona to inform how the app would perform its key tasks.


The Problem

Defining the needs

My findings point to one common denominator: dating-app users are frustrated with the back-and-forth awkwardness of planning an initial meet up. Getting to that first date is a big step, and the process can stop a potential relationship in its tracks before it even gets started. That’s Amore solves that problem by using pizza preferences as an immediate conversation starter — then, it finds a safe and yummy location both parties can agree upon for a first meet up. That way, matches don’t have to argue about those awkward details, and instead can argue over whether or not pineapple belongs on a pizza!

Potential Matches should already have things in common

User should be able to do more than just search for a date

The Solution

In order to understand a typical dating app user, I generated a series of questions.

1. Do you want a dating app with a "niche"?

2. Do you like pizza?

3. What are your favorite toppings on a pizza?

4. How far would you travel for a good pizza?

User Flow

After garnering enough information, I designed a user flow to determine how a user would navigate through the app.


Wireframe Sketches

With a better understanding of the user flow, I created a series of sketches and integrated them into a tappable prototype app with simple functionality. This helped me to determine the flow of the user to get to their end goal (finding a date...and a pizza!)

High-Fidelity Prototype

After testing the early prototype, the next step was to design the look and feel of the app using Adobe Software. Lastly, to test the prototype using Adobe XD.

Style Guide


The logo needed to capture the two key features of the app: Love and Pizza. By combining two universally known symbols (a heart and a slice of pizza), the “pizza-heart” came to fruition. A modern, minimalistic design helps to simplify brand awareness.


Color Palette

Color palette is paramount in an inviting design. Therefore, I decided to use cozy warm colors to incite a feeling of love, and a gentle gradient reminiscent of a romantic sunset. The high vibrancy and saturation of the colors is youthful and fun.



Text Styles

Buttons/Checkboxes/Input Fields 




Project Details


Flucero Designs

Project Date: 

January 2019 - December 2019

Project Category:



Brand Identity, Mobile App Interactive Prototype