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Nintendo eShop Redesign

Since the Nintendo Switch's release in 2017, the Nintendo eShop has felt rudimentary and lacked engagement. As a gamer, and a Nintendo fan, I took it upon myself to make the eShop interactive and simplify the game selection process. Not only will this enhance user engagement, but will also lead to quicker sales.

Project Goals

During my initial review, I evaluated Nintendo’s competitors' shopping experience. Each shop provided visual appealing interface designs and important product information.

The current Nintendo experience lacked both the visual and informational aspects. Readability was another issue, people had to rely on the game’s logo instead of text to know the game’s title causing players to spend more time looking for the game they are interested in.

User stories:

Since this was a small personal project, I decided to keep the focus group small allowing for open-ended responses. Through this, I was able to establish 2 types of users. The casual gamer and the experience gamer.

Taking a look at the eShopping process

The following diagram represents the user's experience when searching for a game to purchase.

To learn more about a game before purchasing is a tedious process where the user has to find the game that interests them, select it to learn more about the game, go back to the previous screen, then select the next game until they find the one they are interested in.


1. I revised the task flow in the flow chart below. The area highlighted in blue is the area I decided to focus my redesign. The new design allows gamers to learn about any game right away, which I hypothesize will reduce the time spent going back and forth and provide a better purchasing experience overall, thus reducing the time to complete the purchase.


2. By removing the large category area, you allow more opportunities to showcase more games and other information.

3. To avoid the back and forth action to get information on the games, I redesigned the home screen to include important gamer information in the beginning. 

🧐Final Thoughts

By adding screen shots and game descriptions, the Nintendo eShop takes on a whole new experience. Not only does it engage potential buyers, but also reduces frustration when scrolling through multiple game titles to learn more about the games the gamer is inquiring about. This redesign has taught me that every part of a product should create an emotional connection to keep people interested in the current product and future products. 


Provide an interactive experience once the eShop is launched.


Provide important information that a gamer finds necessary for a purchase right away.


Comparison of Competitors

Small Focus Group Interview

User Flow

UX Design

Based on the research, I redesigned the user experience to satisfy the gamers needs and provide them enough information before purchasing the product.

Scope of Work
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