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Hidden Key


January 2017 - March 2017


Los Angeles, CA


Logo, Stationary

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Hidden Key

Hidden Key is a video production company that works with clients to realize their vision both from the ground up or in the post production realm.

Logo Redesign

Hidden Key had created the existing logo in-house, but the company had outgrown the sketchy aesthetic and was looking to create something more corporate, modern, and professional. The client had also drawn hand-lettered text as part of the logo, which they expressed was begging for an update. I used the original design to find a unique font that still worked with the brand. As far as the logo goes, incorporating hard lines and sharp corners achieved a minimalistic and almost futuristic look.

Logo Guidelines

Once the logo was redesigned, a guideline was created to ensure that the integrity was not altered in any way. This guaranteed that the logo would be represented correctedly with the rest of the brand's voice.

Colors & Typeface

It was important to have a beach motif through out the design, since the company was inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, which was paramount in the company’s pursuit of a career in film. To fulfill this requirement, neutral colors were strategically picked. Existence Light Regular was chosen as the primary typeface to create a sense of familiarity with the look of the logo.

Business Card

The business card is unique — like the brand itself — in two ways: it’s an unusual square shape, and has embossed gold on both sides. To continue the theme, an ocean and sand background were added to direct your eyes towards the middle of the card where all the important information lies. 


A standard letterhead was created. An invoice template followed, using the brand's color palette to differentiate and separate important areas.

Hidden Key

As the Graphic Designer, I helped redesign the logo and create a corporate identity for the company.

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