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Deco Lighting


July 2013 - Present


Commerce, CA


Package Designs, Brochures, Digital Advertisement, Promotional, Logos, Videos, Print Advertisement

Deco Lighting

Deco Lighting is an advanced-technology LED lighting company that delivers comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for the architectural and energy markets. They design and develop LED solutions that deliver superior quality, great energy-efficiencies, and smart system connectivity. Deco’s goal is to serve everyone from designers to electricians with a strong list of beautiful and sustainable luminaires. Deco Lighting’s commitment to quality is the driving force behind our innovative foundation, allowing Deco to continue to create fixtures that will shape today’s industry and beyond.


As the Creative Director for Deco Lighting, I have designed eye-catching and modern logos for many of their product lines.


The brochures for some of Deco’s most popular fixtures maintain an eye-catching sleek and modern appearance. These brochures serve not only as promotional materials, but are also very informative. I took care to follow the branding for even traditionally boring elements, such as data tables and diagrams.

Digital Marketing

Continuing the brand identity of dark toned high-end design, I designed digital media for various uses to captivate the intended audience.

Promotional Material

Deco Lighting's company culture is based on superheroes. A superhero has special abilities, but also flaws, and when problems arise they work together with other superheroes to accomplish the job. Deco Lighting follows the ideology that each person has their special set of skills to assist in getting the job done.  To promote this concept, I designed marketing handouts to give to their customers and employees.


Using the die-cuts provided by the manufacturer, I designed a minimalistic packaging for each product light. By incorporating minimal design on a black box, these boxes are consistent with Deco's branding and high quality aesthetic.


Deco Lighting

As the Creative Director, I mentored and drove a small team of talented designers to produce high-level digital and print materials that define organizational brand identity. 

Product Videos

As Creative Director, I oversaw the tone and aesthetics of several videos highlighting some of Deco’s most popular lights. In my collaborations with the videographer, we decided on an exciting and sleek futuristic aesthetic, that also matches the dark tones and type face of the print materials.

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