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Project Description

Deco Mesh allows you to easily and intuitively commission your lighting network. The app features a wide array of options that gives you the control to customize your space according to your needs. It is connectivity made simple, meaning everyone can simply and quickly commission your network. Deco Mesh gives you the most flexibility and control available.

User Research

The Challenge

As it stands, installation of a lighting fixture is a physical task that is very time consuming. A contractor has to install and commission every fixture manually. The building manager then has to set parameters for each light fixture according to the space utilization.

The problem with current commissioning methods is the excess amount of time spent. Time is money.

Persona Board

In order to understand the user, I developed two personas that represent different needs.


The Problem

Defining the needs

When commissioning a site, the contractor needs access to set up parameters for each room. Other apps don’t allow for that kind of accessibility, hindering efficiency of the job. Because of this shortcoming, more money is spent wasting valuable time at the jobsite.

Light fixtures need to

be detected automatically through app

User must have access to set parameters as soon as lights are commissioned

The Solution

With an understanding of the problem, I generated a survey and set out to question contractors and building managers. Some of these inquiries include:

1. What are the devices that need to be commissioned when setting up the lighting in an office?

2. What options are needed to set-up each device?


3. What parameters do you need to set up an individual office room?

User Flow

After gathering all the information, I designed a user flow to demonstrate the process of commissioning a room.


Wireframe Sketches

With a better understanding of the user flow, I created freehand sketches to demonstrate how the app would be used. These sketches were later scanned into a prototype app to finalize the layout and functionality.


High-Fidelity Prototype

After finalizing the layout, the next step was taking the sketches into Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD to create the final UI design.

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Style Guide

Accompanying the interactive prototype, I created a style guide to help developers with all the design elements. 



Color Palette




Text Styles






Project Details


Deco Lighting

Project Date: 

January 2019- December 2019

Project Category:



Mobile App Interactive Prototype