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Graphic Design Work

Hello There!*

I have been a professional designer for the past 15 years, but my passion started long before then...

It all began as a young lad when it dawned on me that someone out there designed DVD packaging, toys, chairs, buildings, signs, t-shirts...well, I digress. Let's just say I was enthralled with, and inspired by, many types of design and art. And I decided that one day, I would be that someone

Since then, I've worked as a UX Designer. I currently lend my talents to a lighting company changing the way lighting contractors approach a space to commission and connect a network of lighting devices, and in my spare time I help people build up their brands for their businesses. My Mom calls me "El Hombre Ocupado" which translates to "The Busy Man" --- because I'm always trying to help people find solutions for their design problems. 

When I'm not designing, I'm looking for an Eames Chair to sit on, or throwing balls at people's heads in my Dodgeball Leagues. Or petting my dogs!

My Origin Story

Spider-Man and I are alike in that we were bitten by a radioactive spider that would change us forever. However, my spider was a little more metaphorical, and it didn’t have 8 legs. It had 5: 

Eames Chair

I didn’t know what to do with my newfound destiny until I graduated in 2006 with a bachelors degree in graphic design. Equipped with this new training, I set out to save the world, one poor design decision at a time. And by the world, I mean real people running real businesses, with real design concerns that were directly impacting their success. And I know I've had a positive impact, because I've had a strong record of user engagement and click through enticement by means of innovative, concise and attractive design.

But what artist is ever satisfied? In 2010, I decided to take my design skills to the next level and go back to school to pursue a second degree in Industrial Design. This skill not only taught me to look at designs in a 3D environment but also gave me a glimpse of creating designs that can create emotional connections with people. The satisfaction of creating tactile products, brought me to the love of creating digital products.

In 2013, I graduated for a second time and took what I learned about research, sketching, prototyping and development and applied it in the real world. I helped create products that transcends designing for design's sake to create purpose and an experience for the end user.

Product (UX/UI) Design - iOS Mobile 
Deco Mesh App

I designed and developed an intuitive iOS mobile app to help contractors connect a network of lights, saving them money and time.

UX Design - Game Console
Nintendo eShop Redesign

I redesigned the Nintendo E-shop main screen which resulted in an enhanced user engagement which leads to quicker sales.

UX Design - Branding & Responsive Web
Deco Lighting Website Redesign

I redesigned the overall user experience of the website resulting in customers having a better understanding of the product line and its offering.

How can I help YOU?

If you need a seasoned professional to bring flare, fun and personality to your design goals, I’m your guy!​

I also know where all the secret warp pipes in Super Mario Bros are, just in case that’s relevant in some way.

I'm a Product Designer who uses the design thinking process for real world pain points.

Extensive experience in the design industry with a focus in start-ups and design agencies. Currently, I am working as a Product designer at Planview, Inc. designing and modernizing the user experience of our suite of portfolio management products.

Here's my thesis statement.*

* Because you can't approach design without a unique view.

After all, it's all about communicating with other people visually. 

I see UX as a sum of many parts; sometimes contradictory. A solid, structural foundation vs. something that's ever-changing, and even amorphous. How does one find harmony? 


The answer is people. The end-user is ALWAYS a person with needs. I remind myself of this to keep my eyes on the prize. And the prize is effective and beautiful design that elicits a positive emotional response that garners results.

Coming full circle: an Eames Chair is fashion meets function at its simplest. And my emotional response is:❤️

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