I'm the Product Design guy who loves helping people make their dreams a reality.

Extensive experience in the design industry with a focus in start ups and design agencies. Currently, I am working as a UX/UI Designer at Deco Lighting, helping alleviate pain points by creating immersive and intuitive user experiences.

Product (UX/UI) Design - iOS Mobile 
Deco Mesh App

I designed and developed an iOS mobile app to help contractors connect a network of lights in a location saving them money and time by providing an intuitive experience.

UX Design - Game Console
Nintendo eShop Redesign

A self-initiated case study. I redesigned the Nintendo E-shop main screen which resulted in a more immersive experience.

UX Design - Branding & Responsive Web
Deco Lighting Website Redesign

I redesigned the overall user experience of the website resulting in customers having a better understanding of the product line and its offering.